82-year-old IT grandma who was invited to WWDC Ms. Masako Wakamiya?


Wakamiya Masako became famous all over the world by becoming the oldest woman invited to Apple's annual developer conference WWDC.

What kind of person is Ms. Masako Wakamiya?

Who is Wakamiya Masako?

Ms. Wakamiya never touched the computer until he was 60 years old by working as a bank.

My motivation was care for my mother.
Wakamiya who likes talking originally felt impatient about not being able to go out and going out easily. And, there was an introduction article of a personal computer she found in a magazine that she met there.

Although it was a weak Wakamiya on occasion, it seems that there was a thought that there is no choice but to work hard to balance nursing care and chatter, he said that he succeeded in connecting successfully in three months.

In those days it is still time for the Internet to spread, so she joined an elderly club called F Mellow and he visited a bulletin board by communication.

With a welcome message there

"Life will be fun after the age of 60"

It is said that it was written, and it got pleasant.

Unlike the world without a PC, a wide world is visible and she look to the same senior generation.

Learning computer

There was not interesting computer teaching material for senior.

Excel is also numeric only and it is not interesting. Without interesting teaching materials, She thought that She should create interesting teaching materials myself.

I thought that it was Excel Art bringing Excel on the extension line of handicraft.

I have produced a lot of Excel art works and raised it for actual goods.

Computer classes for seniors also began to open.


And the application "hinadan" released February 23, 2017 became a hot topic.



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The explanation is modest and simple, but the review is a good rating of 4.8!

Oberba past 80 made it
It is a decorative decorative app that you can enjoy Hi Senior.

I took the app after watching it on the net news. I do not think that an 81 year old person was made!
When I came back to my parents house this time I thought about to be with my grandmother! I am glad that this game would be able to do even grandma!

I knew it from Yahoo! News and downloaded it. I enjoyed it with an unusual app such as idea, game advantage favorable to the elderly. I also expect the next work.

The production period is about 5 months. She tried the first swift and created a game in just 5 months.

The point sticking to the creation is still for seniors so it is easy to use for the elderly. Wagamiya knew that the sweep is difficult for the elderly to tremble hands, so it is unified with all tap operations.
There are also elderly people who can not hear the sound, so it is supposed to show in letters as well.

She heard that he plans to create an application for senior citizens in the future.


I realized that it is not too late to start something! I also want to challenge various things like Wakamiya-san.